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This website has been created to provide project information and solicit public input for the reconstruction of Crawford Avenue from Oakton Street to Golf Road. We invite you to explore the webpage and provide your input.  Input received will be included with the future Public Information Meeting #2 (PIM #2 anticipated Spring 2023) meeting record.  


The preliminary proposed improvement plan is currently being reviewed by and discussed with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDOTH) and the Illinois Department of transportation (IDOT).  The Village, CCDOTH, and IDOT utilized stakeholder input gained through PIM #1 to determine the preliminary proposed improvement plan, and will continue to utilize stakeholder input in their decision-making process.  Final project decisions will be made by the Village, CCDOTH, and IDOT for their respective routes. 

Station 1: Project Overview

Project Overview

Crawford Avenue from Oakton Street to Golf Road is located within the Village of Skokie and is under the jurisdiction of the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDOTH) within the project limits. Therefore, this project is a joint effort between the two agencies. Click on the image below to open the full-size file in a new window.

Project Location Map

Project Location.jpg

The Phase I Engineering Study is the first step in the overall project development process and examined transportation needs and solutions along Crawford Avenue from Oakton Street to Golf Road. 


Once complete, the project will move into Phase II, which involves contract plan preparation and land acquisition (if any) and typically takes 18 to 24 months. Phase III is construction and is the final phase of the project development process. Phase I Engineering is being locally funded through an intergovernmental agreement with CCDOTH, and subsequent phases of project development are anticipated to be federally funded. On this basis, all applicable federal project development procedures will be followed with coordination through IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Streets. 

Overall Project Development Process

Overall Project Development Process 020223.png

The objective of the Phase I Study was to evaluate various alternatives to meet the needs of all modes of roadway users and to identify a preferred solution. This included evaluation of the technical factors associated with the alternative(s) and their impacts on the community and environment such as traffic analyses and crash analyses.  At the end of this process, a preferred alternative was identified for implementation. The preliminary preferred alternative was concurred upon between the Village, CCDOTH, and IDOT.  After Public Information Meeting #2 (anticipated Spring 2023), the preferred alternative design will be refined and engineering reports finalized for Design Approval.

Phase I Study Process and Timeline 

Phase I Study Process and Timeline 020223.png
Project Information

Station 2: Project Information

The Crawford Avenue existing lane use is poorly defined. The lane and median widths vary through the corridor, but the pavement width is about 20 to 21 feet wide in each direction with a 16- to 18-foot-wide landscaped median. Parking is allowed within the corridor which contributes to driver confusion when drivers using the outside pavement come upon a parked vehicle and make quick merging decisions. Therefore, the existing roadway functions like a one lane road in each direction with parked vehicles. This was reflected in the public information meeting #1 responses and prevalence of parked vehicle crashes in the crash analysis. A key purpose of the project was to clearly define the lane use.  


The preferred alternative includes an exclusive left turn lane, thru lane, combined thru/right turn lane and bike lane in each direction on Crawford Avenue approaching the three larger signalized intersections of Oakton and Dempster Streets and Golf Road for capacity. Between these signalized intersections, Crawford Avenue will drop to one thru lane, bike lane and a parking lane in each direction. While cross streets are not proposed to be changed, radius returns and sidewalk ramps will be reconstructed for ADA compliance at all intersections.


Click here to view the fact sheet, which highlights the benefits of the proposed improvement plan.  Roll plots of the proposed improvement plan and roadway sections are provided below.  Click on the pictures to open the full-size files in a new window, where you can more easily zoom into the exhibits.   

South Area Project Roll Plot


North Project Area Roll Plot


Existing Undefined Lane Use

Existing Undefined Lane Use.jpg

Proposed Defined Lane Use

Proposed Defined Lane Use.jpg

Station 3: Contact Us

Contact Us

We encourage comments throughout the course of the study.  Any comments received now through the end of the Public Information Meeting (PIM) #2 comment period (date to be determined) will be specifically added to the PIM #2 Meeting record.  Comments can be submitted using the online form below. 

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