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Public Information Meetings

Public Information Meeting #2

The second Public Information Meeting (PIM #2) for the Crawford Avenue: Oakton Street to Golf Road Phase I Engineering Study was held on Thursday, March 23, 2023 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Oliver McCracken Middle School Multipurpose Room located at 8000 East Prairie Road, Skokie, IL 60076.  The purpose of this meeting was to present the proposed improvement plan and seek public feedback.  The in-person open house provided attendees the opportunity to talk directly to project engineers and ask questions.


Methods used to notify the public of the PIM #2 included a notice in the community newsletter, display advertisements in the Chicago Tribune on March 2 and March 16, Village website, 343 individual letters to property owners and occupants along Crawford Avenue, 610 postcards to other nearby addresses, posts on Village social media and digital message board, variable message signs along Crawford Avenue at Golf, Oakton, and 2 at Dempster from March 9 to March 23, and notices on the project website (   


Information was provided at the open house regarding the project development process and timeline, input received at the first Public Information Meeting, roadway corridor context and multi-modal uses, project purpose and need, alternatives analysis and preferred alternative determination, data collection and analyses, the proposed roadway improvement plan, roadway and utility improvement key elements, access during construction, and public feedback opportunities.  Attendees had the opportunity to review exhibits, provide comments, and talk directly to project study team representatives.  All material presented at the open house is also on the project website.


The in-person open house was attended by over 100 people.  More than 50 questions and comments were received through the project website leading up to the meeting.  Many comment forms were submitted at the open house itself with the option to submit comments afterward as well (email, mail, fax, or project website).  All comments received by the end of the comment period on April 24, 2023 will be included in the meeting record.  Once incorporated, the PIM #2 Meeting Summary will be made available on the project website for interested persons. 

Public Information Meeting #1 Summary

Click here to view the Public Information Meeting #1 Summary.

Public Information Meeting 1 Summary 022123.png
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